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  • By : Anita L Hummel
    Do not buy from them. I bought a ticket and they charged me but did not issue it. I had to rebuy the ticket from Jin Air, so it seems that between then and Jin Air are issues. They never sent me info they issued it but yet charged my card. These guys are not honest. They cheated me out of an air ticket.
  • By : Zoltan Veress
    I was victim of a credit card fraud by someone using Zuji. Unfortunately Zuji customer support is NOT willing to help you they only help if you want to buy something from them. Be extremely careful when you are using their services as they seem to be happy to process fake transactions for anyone. They advised me to call some overseas number adding even more costs to the lost money. Terrible service!
  • By : Shinji Ogo
    The customer contact advisers are good for contacting on changing flight schedule, I think they invested customer service. Because someone said formerly it was bad. But I feel they improve their service. I satisfied their service.
  • By : Krshna Moriani
    Unverified seats at unverified prices! So, I am a university student from Hong Kong but I study in Melbourne. While visiting home, I needed to book flights back ASAP to attend orientation. I booked my flights through Zuji on Cathay Pacific and Qantas with the itinerary looking as follows: Hong Kong>Bangkok>Sydney>Melbourne. The next day, I receive an email saying that the seat I HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. They said the airline wanted me to pay nearly twice as much if I wanted to keep the seat they said was no longer there. If that wasn't bad enough, when I rang them up, the nice and humble sounding man on the other end was far from helpful. The conversation consisted of me telling him my details, him reading the email exchanges (which stated I want a complete refund) and then him proceeding to ask me "So, do you want to pay the extra USD$1200?" NO! Granted I may have been a little rude and I really controlled myself to not sear at him. But this company is rubbish. Unverified seats at unverified prices! I DO NOT RECCOMEND ZUJI TO ANYONE!
  • By : Mohamed Soliman
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