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  • By : Ciel
    China Mobile is LITERALLY THE WORST mobile operator ever. SERVICE AND ATTITUDE of the customer service staff is HORRID. Bought the mobile plan for the $30/10 days unlimited data as I find the price reasonable but you really do get what you pay for. The customer service agent where I bought my card from the Dragon Center branch told me that as long as there is a positive balance in my account, the subscription for this plan will be automatically renewed but it turned out to be misleading. Hence, when I topped up a $100 for my phone thinking that it will be automatic renewal, it did not turn that way and I lost a $100 within a few days as my card was charged under a different plan that I did not know of. When I approached the customer service hotline, the response of the agent was disappointing as well. Not only was his attitude rude but he was not helpful at all. If not be the fact that I do not want to change my mobile number, I will not be using China Mobil anymore.
  • By : Suhail Ziya
  • By : Charlie Chan
    Good service
  • By : Clarence Hung
    small & busy
  • By : Serjones Morais
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