Buddies Crawfish Hong Kong Flagship Store

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G/F, 302 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong
2890 8689


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  • By : Ian Godfrey
    It's reasonable honest Vietnamese food, not haute cuisine, my family like it and prefer it to most of the many local Vietnamese eateries in the area. In any experience we mustn't let earlier experiences of a similar nature cloud our enjoyment... expectations so often ruin an experience and in the modern age when so many of us have "travelled" we may think we know what "Vietnamese" food "should" be like, however we need to be realistic, two families in the same town, in the same street, neighbours even, will have a different "tradition" of how any particular dish is prepared or the protocols surrounding how it is served.
  • By : Evelyn Wai
    Average food, cheap and quick. Good if you have little time for your lunch. A good selection of noodles, rice plates and appetizers for lunch and a larger menu for dinner. Terrible mean service
  • By : Emma Wang
    First Crawfish specialised restaurant
  • By : Dustin Gillis
    The rare beef Pho was tolerable but the usual herb (basil?) was minced into the soup. I only add it to flavour the broth but don't like the taste so this detracted from the meal for me. The spring rolls were stale. The sauce was was inauthentic (sweet chili sauce instead of carrot ginger) and my iced coffee didn't arrive until after I had paid the bill and was walking out the door. Over priced at $116 for pho, spring rolls and iced coffee ($57 at Pho Tai which is vastly superior) and the service was poor. Would not recommend.
  • By : John Lee
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  • Website : http://www.jfbuddies.com/


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